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In today’s connected world, customers are in the driver’s seat. Empowered by technology and armed with more information than ever before, the average customer completes as much as 70% of the buying journey without directly interacting with sales teams1. On top of that, when customers do engage with reps, they expect a smarter sales experience—one that is personalized, instant, and always on. 

Facing increasing customer demands, sales teams must rise to the occasion. In fact, 79% of business buyers say it is absolutely critical or very important to interact with a salesperson who is a trusted advisor2, not someone pushing products and services. 

Reps must understand and anticipate their customers’ unique needs and preferences, like personal consultants. But if reps are spending all of their time sifting through customer data and doing manual tasks, like hunting for leads, researching accounts, and calling wrong numbers, they’re not able to take the time to become consultative sellers. 

There’s good news: Sales Cloud makes it easy for sales teams to connect with customers and deliver a seamless and efficient experience along every step of the sales process, from lead nurturing campaigns to intuitive deal tracking. The result: You engage with customers earlier and close more deals, faster than ever before.


  • Sell faster and smarter with a flexible, AI-powered sales platform designed to maximize rep productivity and success
  • Create a world-class sales experience with a 360-degree view of your customers and a unified process from lead to cash
  • Access everything from team performance to sales forecasts to customer information anytime, on any device
  • Get nonstop innovation and improvements delivered 3x/year through free automatic updates, all while keeping your data safe
  • Extend your power to sell with thousands of pre-integrated apps on AppExchange, the largest enterprise app marketplace
  • Master the platform in a fun and easy way with Trailhead, the only free online learning program offered by a CRM system