Boomi Coupa OAuth2.0 Setup

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Boomi Coupa OAuth2.0 Setup

Boomi Coupa OAuth2.0 Connection:

As part of the Coupa release R34, Coupa announced that they are decommissioning the API Keys in the release R35. So Coupa informed all of its customers/third-party application users to update their authentication to OAuth2.0 instead of the existing API Key. The deadline for this transition is Jan 2023. After this period API keys will no longer be supported by Coupa. Let’s see all those transition steps to be followed in both Coupa and Boomi to complete this connection update transition.

Steps Involved:

  • As the first step of this transition a new OAuth client should need to be created in Coupa by the admin team by following the navigation path in Coupa as below:
  • Setup -> Integrations -> OAuth2/OpenID Connect clients.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Boomi Coupa Connection - OAuth2 Connect
  • After clicking this, click on create to create a new OAuth2 user for your integrations purpose.
  • Then you can see 3 different grant types but Boomi Coupa Connector supports only the “Client-Credentials” type as of now so select the same here in Coupa.
  • After that, pass all the required mandatory information like Name, Login, Contact-First-Name, Contact-Last-Name, Contact-Email, and Scopes.
  • After passing everything click on save.
  • Then from the list click on the name and copy the identifier and secret which are client IDs and client secrets generated for us.
  • Now navigate to Boomi and open the Coupa Connection and change the Authentication type to OAuth2.0 from API Key.
  • Provide the URL of the coupa instance if empty.
  • Now in the OAuth 2.0 tab, pass the previously copied information like client id, client secret, Access-Token-URL, and Scopes.
  • While passing the scopes make sure to copy all the scopes and remove all the commas from that or simply search/Replace the comma with a Space( ) and copy in the connection tab.           Boomi Coupa Connection - OAuth2 Setup
  • Now click on save and test your connection.

After doing all these steps package your processes and deploy those again in respective environments

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