Boomi Email Alerts

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Boomi Email Alerts

Boomi Alerts & Notifications:

Boomi Alerts and Notifications are a set of services offered by Boomi to keep users notified of the happenings in Boomi platform. It provides users with real-time notifications about changes to their Boomi account, such as errors in the process execution, atom start/stop information, and user-defined notification when some actions have been performed.

Boomi users can subscribe to an email alert for a specific event & log level such as

  • Atom Status
  • Process Execution
  • User Notification

Boomi Alerts - Email Alerts

Atom Status:

It captures Atom Online / offline status events along with the timestamp. Regular Start / Stop is categorized as INFO whereas ERROR log level when Atom goes down.

Boomi Alerts - Atom Status

Process Execution:

Captures information related to a process execution along with its execution ID. It captures Process regular Run (INFO), any connector warnings (WARNING), and connection errors (ERROR). It also captures metadata related to executions such as Inbound and Outbound document count, execution ID, Process start and end time, process status, etc.,

Boomi Alerts - Process Execution

User Notification:

This event is created as part of the Notify shape during process execution when Enable events option is enabled in Notify shape. The Log level is set in the Notify shape would trigger the corresponding email alert.

Boomi Alerts - User Notification

Subscribe to Events API:

Boomi exposes various information like platform, configuration, account, processes, executions, exceptions, Events, etc., as AtomSphere API. These API events can be queried by passing the appropriate operation and object name.

The Event object part of AtomSphere API exposes Alert and notification events that were triggered because of Atom status change, Process execution, and user notification. Event Object captures

This can be retrieved using Boomi’s inbuilt connection to AtomSphere API using QUERY operation on Event Object. This retrieves all metadata related to an event. For E.g.:

  • Process Execution Event captures – Execution Start and End time, status, document counts, etc.,
  • Atom Status Event captures – Atom start top event along with time
  • User notification Event captures – User-defined message, time, log level, and Process related details, etc.,

Additional Resources:

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