Boomi Execution Properties

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Boomi Execution Properties

Execution Properties in Boomi:

  • Along with the Process Properties and Document Properties, Boomi provides execution properties, which consist of basic metadata like Account ID, Atom ID, Atom name, Document Count, Execution ID, Node ID, Process ID, and Process name in the middle of the process execution.
  • In general, these are very useful for generating mail notifications, logging process activity, and troubleshooting.
  • This type of property is automatically set and maintained by the run-time engine itself. One thing we must remember is it’s not possible to modify the values of these properties.
  • You can retrieve these values from the parameter list from the below-mentioned shapes: Exception shape, Message Shape, Decision Shape, Notify Shape, Set Properties Shape, Process Route Shape, and Program Command Shape.Apart from the above-mentioned shapes, you can retrieve the value of these properties by using custom scripting as well by using the following method in the ExecutionUtil Class: getRuntimeExecutionProperty()

Boomi Execution Properties

Types of Execution Properties:

Let’s see about the all-different types of execution properties in detail below:

  1. Account Id: This is the ID of the Atomsphere account on which the process is currently running.
  2. Atom Id: While logging error emails, we will get different errors for the same process from other So, to distinguish easily which atom the process failed we will add this Atom Id in the email log because these are unique IDs.
  3. Atom Name: Similar to the above use case of Atom Id, we will include Atom names as well.
  4. Document Count: This provides the number of documents at the current shape in the process.
  5. Execution Id: This is the unique Id for every execution which will be helpful to filter the logs in the process reporting page.
  6. Process Id: This is the Id of the process which is currently executed.
  7. Node Id: This is the node Id of the process where the process is running. This is for Molecules and Atom Clouds.

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