NetSuite Saved Search Integration

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NetSuite Saved Search Integration

NetSuite Saved Search Integration

In this article, we will go through how to import data from Saved Search in NetSuite

How to Fetch data from NetSuite SS:

Before you do the mappings, you need to import the NetSuite Profile. The action will be Query.

The configurations should be as below:

NS Saved Search Integration - Connector

The Action would be Query and the Connection Operation should be configured as below:

NS Saved Search Integration - Import

You need to checkbox the Use Advanced Search while importing the object. The Profile that you import will have a segment called as basic  which will include all the fields related to the object you imported:

NS Saved Search Integration - Query Response

Expand Custom Fields from SavedSearch

All the custom fields that you have in the object will be present under Customfieldlist section under the basic section of the Profile:

NS Saved Search Integration - Custom Fields

For Custom fields in the Saved Search, you wouldn’t see the InternalId, ExternalId and search value automatically.

NS Saved Search Integration - Custom Field List

You need to click on the dropdown of your Custom field and click on Expand element to get the InternalId, ExternalId and searchvalue

What Data will I receive from Saved Search

The number of records that you receive from NetSuite depends on the Criteria that you have set in NetSuite Saved Search.

You will get the same number of records that you see in the Results of the Saved Search in NetSuite but the fields don’t depend on what you have setup in the Results tab of your search. Boomi will fetch all the fields irrespective of if its they’re in the Results or not. The fields that you get in Boomi depends on the fields that you select in the connection operation fields section:

NS Saved Search Integration - Field Selection

Performing the Mapping

Once both the source and target profile are imported you need to start your mapping. Drag the map shape from the shapes palette and choose the source profile as your NetSuite Saved Search Query profile. You can only query from and not Upsert/ update into a saved search

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