With the explosion of business applications, companies can’t afford manual data entry, management via spreadsheets and email, and fixing costly errors that comes with data silos.

Celigo’s iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) is designed for IT professionals AND business users to quickly connect applications to automate business processes.

An Introduction to iPaaS

iPaaS, or integration Platform as a Service, are platforms that standardize how applications are integrated into an organization, making it easier to automate business processes and share data across applications.

By leveraging iPaaS technologies, growing companies can eliminate manual processes, reduce dependency on spreadsheets and email, while increasing visibility, speed, and accuracy across their organization.


  • – Guided design
  • – Organic user experience
  • – No need for manuals or hours of training
  • – Bundles managed as SaaS apps
  • – No need to reinvent the wheel
  • – Built on a full iPaaS (integration platform as a service)
  • – Start with a free flow
  • – Purchase flows, not endpoints
  • – Grow capacity as you need it