Integration Run-time

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Integration Run-time

Cloud vs Local Integration Run time?

Choosing between cloud vs local run time can be confusing at times. Especially it becomes cumbersome when it comes to aligning to business goals and strategies. All modern cloud integration tools are more equipped, and they offer different Integration Run-times i.e. both local and cloud-based run-time based on usage and budget. Even some tools offer a hybrid model where both local and cloud agents co-exist. With the wide range of options that each tool offers, each org has a huge responsibility for choosing the right run time that fits their needs and aligns with their business strategies.

The following factors are key to determining the right run-time options for your org needs.

  • What you are processing
  • How you are processing the data
  • How much you are trying to process

*Below table depicts the differences mainly based on Boomi’s offering.

Scenario Local Integration Run time Cloud Integration Run time
Integrations Integrations mainly comprise Apps/endpoints that run behind the firewall Only web-based integrations
SW and HW Installation, Maintenance, Maintaining Data canter, Scheduling backups, and recovery Required Not Required. Zero footprint solution.
Limitations on Data volume No Limitations. It depends on the Storage availability. Preferable for handling high data volume Limitations on Data volume, storage, Execution, and processing volume and exceeding those limits attract additional costs. Preferable for handling low data volume
Availability Depends on data canter performance High availability
Cost High maintenance cost No cost for maintenance. Additional cost for cloud resource utilization. Pay as you use.
Atom worker for low latency processes Not available Available on demand
Integration Type For both Batch and Real-time Well suited for real-time needs
Processing Large scale processing Small scale industries
Security Based on how data security is defined in Org. Highly secured

These are some scenarios that might help in decision-making. Also, some integration tools like Boomi offer solutions like Hybrid run-time and private atom cloud, and that makes run time more robust and scalable.

Boomi Integration Run-time offerings:

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