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Why Boomi?

Integration Accelerated

Connect existing data and systems, and assets:

• Find and organize known and unknown data.
• Quickly, easily, and securely integrate applications, data, processes and people.
• Always-on, business continuity
• Overcome fragile, legacy technology
• Dell Tech: Credibility of having the backing of world’s largest IT provider

Modernization Accelerated

Modernize technology infrastructure:

• Data discovery, cataloging
• Cloud adoption
• IT consolidation
• Cost-efficient operations
• Elastic scalability and mobility of the cloud

Transformation Accelerated

Transforming workflows and processes:

• Workforce transformation
• IT delivery acceleration
• Operations optimization
• Unified digital experience
• Ensure trust – Boomi enables organizations to maintain human and business connections

Innovation Accelerated

High productivity, innovation:

• Product innovation
• Business model innovation
• Experience innovation
• Low code = high productivity and operations’ speed and agility so you can focus on strategic initiatives and digital products

Always Connected

Boomi accelerates and simplifies discovery, organization, and management of your data, making it actionable across the business. By harnessing the power of the cloud to connect employees regardless of location to your applications, systems, processes, and customers, Boomi enables organizations to foster trust by maintaining human and business connections.

Quanta Services Leverages Boomi, Speeds M&A Integrations by More Than 75 Percent


Industry Insights

Our best-kept secret? The White Glove Consulting team. Our experienced consultants have a wealth of knowledge regarding integration architecture that they love to share with the world. Discover industry insights and more by exploring our resource library.

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