Boomi Deployment and scheduling

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Boomi Deployment and scheduling

How to deploy your Boomi process to run at the scheduled interval?

 The scheduling feature in Boomi allows you to automate your Boomi process to run with a defined frequency. Here are the 3 basic steps that are prerequisites to scheduling the process. i.e. boomi deployment steps before scheduling it.

Boomi Deployment Steps

Boomi Deployment Steps:

1. Build components:

By navigating to the Build page, we will build the process. Once this is done, we will define the extensions like Connections (to maintain a single version of code for all environments), Dynamic Process properties & cross-reference tables, etc.

2. Create Packaged Components:

Once extensions are defined, we can create a package for the process from the below two locations:

  • The Build Page -> Open the Process -> Create Packaged Component
  • Deploy Page -> Packaged Components -> Create Package Component

3. Deploy Package:

From the packaged components page, the user needs to go to the Actions🡪 Deploy and Select the “Deployment Environment”.

Boomi Scheduling:

  • Once the above three basic steps are completed, you need to navigate to the below path:

Manage -> Atom Management -> (Select the Atom) -> Deployed Processes. Here you will see the list of deployed processes. Click on the Actions respective to the Process and click on the “Edit Schedules”. Here you can add a schedule based on the requirement.

  • Similarity you can add multiple schedules with different timings by using the add schedule option.
  • We can Stop/Resume schedules as well if required.
  • When we click on the Edit Schedule option, we will get a Box with two options:
    • Add Schedule
    • Delete Schedule
  • You can select the schedule by adding Minutes/Hours/Days Predefined values where we need to choose with start time, End Time, and Interval as required.
  • Along with these there is an Advanced Scheduled option also available. Using these, we can manually define all Days/Hours/Minutes/Intervals as required.

Boomi Scheduling

Once you add the schedule, Boomi will take care of the Execution.



Cover Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash