Boomi Process Property

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Boomi Process Property

Process properties:

Process properties are key/value pairs used to store project-related information. Sometimes these properties can be pre-defined in tabular format and retrieved in any integration process. These process properties are defined in a separate component called Process Property and can be utilized in any integration project. These can be persisted and extended.

Boomi Process Property - Shape

Process Property Shape:

Process Property shape can be created like other components. It takes up a list of process properties that can be used in an integration project along with some key attributes like

  • Persist – retains the value from the last execution
  • Default Value – Default value if not defined in a process flow.
  • Allowed Values – List of allowed values during process execution

Boomi Process Property Shape

Like the Dynamic Process property, It can be set/retrieved by

  • Using Set Properties Shape
  • Inside Map Function
  • Using Groovy Script inside Map function/Data Process Shape.

Set properties Shape:

Process properties can be set and retrieved using the Set Properties shape.

Boomi Process Property - Set Properties Shape

Inside map Function:

Inside the Boomi map function, these properties can be set/get to help achieve desired business transformations.

Boomi Process Property - Map Function

Using Groovy Scripting:

Boomi supports the use of both JavaScript and Groovy scripts to help with complex business rules and transformations. This scripting can be used in a Data Process shape or inside a Boomi Map. Process properties can be easily retrieved/set inside the groovy script that helps pass variables from the Boomi process to be used inside scripting. It uses below functions

  • getProcessProperty() – Used to retrieve Process property value in String format. It takes up 2 parameters Process Property Component ID & Property Key
  • setProcessProperty() – Used to assign String value to a Process Property. It takes up 3 parameters Process Property Component ID, Property Key & Property Value

Get/Set Dynamic Process Property inside Groovy:

//Java Class libraries
import com.boomi.execution.ExecutionUtil;

 //Retrieve string value corresponding to the process property defined inside
//Process Property Component ID = 62e29427-5678-3ed1-9516-a47ec3777gf46 with
//Property Key = 678ac4f2-3dd5-2232-a2ea-ab95gf15cdf7
testValue = ExecutionUtil.getProcessProperty(“62e29427-5678-3ed1-9516-a47ec3777gf46”, “678ac4f2-3dd5-2232-a2ea-ab95gf15cdf7”);

 //Set string value to the process property defined inside
//Process Property Component ID = 62e29427-5678-3ed1-9516-a47ec3777gf46 with
//Property Key = 678ac4f2-3dd5-2232-a2ea-ab95gf15cdf7.
ExecutionUtil.getProcessProperty(“62e29427-5678-3ed1-9516-a47ec3777gf46”, “678ac4f2-3dd5-2232-a2ea-ab95gf15cdf7”,”Test Value”);

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