Boomi Data Process Shape

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Boomi Data Process Shape

Data Process in Boomi:

Data Process shape is one of the most commonly used shapes in Boomi Processes. It is used to manipulate the incoming data within a process in so many ways based on the requirement. You just need to select the processing step from the list provided in the drop-down. You can add multiple steps within a single shape by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. Boomi will perform the manipulations in sequential order of the processing steps defined. Also, you have to remember that the Data process is just a shape but not a component so you won’t get the revision history for this shape individually. Let’s see about the data processing steps below in detail.

Data Processing Steps:

Refer to the image below to find all of the data processing steps available in the data process shape. Let’s discuss a few of them below.

Boomi Data Process Shape

  • Base64 Decode:

This is used to decode the original document data from Base64 encoded data.

  • Base64 Encode:

This is used to encode the plain data in the document into the Base64 encoded format.

  • Combine Documents:

This is used to combine the incoming documents based on any reference element. The profile format options that are available to combine documents are Flat-File, XML, JSON, and None.

  • Split documents:

The split documents step is used to split the incoming document into separate documents based on any key element. For example: To split each line as a new document from the input single Flat-file document with multiple lines in it.

  • Search/Replace:

This is used to search/Replace any text or character in the entire input document. This is can be done as like entire document at once / by line by line/increment by a specified number of characters. Doing this at once for the entire document is not recommended for large documents.

  • Zip/Unzip:

By using this we can do WinZip compressed file to Unzip or unzipped file to zip compressed conversions

Additional Resources:

For more information refer to this Boomi article: Data Process


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