Boomi Shopify Connector

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Boomi Shopify Connector

Shopify Connector

Before we explore the Shopify connector – One of the many application connectors provided by Boomi, we should know what it is.

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that allows users to build, manage and run their online storefronts. Using this platform, users can sell their products anywhere online.
Coming back to Shopify Connector, as already mentioned, it’s an application connector provided by Boomi to connect to and exchange data from the Shopify platform. Using this connector, you can directly connect with the Shopify platform, browse the interfaces in real-time, and exchange Shopify data with any cloud or on-premises platform.

Boomi Shopify Connector - Connector

Like every other connector in Boomi, Shopify Connector also requires the Shopify Connection and Shopify Operation components to connect to the Shopify platform.

Shopify Connection:

Stores the essential details required for establishing the Boomi-Shopify connectivity. The Shopify connector provides two ways to connect Boomi with the Shopify platform.

  1. OAuth 2.0
  2. Access Token

Boomi Shopify Connector - Authentication

Boomi Shopify Connector - Connection

  • Name: One can set the desired name for the connection in this field.
  • Authentication Type: This allows you to select one of the two ways you want to connect to Shopify i.e., OAuth 2.0 or Access Token.
  • Client ID: Stores the Client ID to log into the Shopify account.
  • Client Secret: Stores the Client Secret of the Shopify account used to log onto the Shopify platform.
  • Authorization Token URL: Stores the server URL authorizing the Client.
  • Scope: Defines the extent of access to the store’s data.
  • Access Token: Stores the token used to log into the Shopify account.
  • Access Token URL: The token URL used to make the API calls to Shopify platform.

Shopify Operation:

Defines the action that needs to be performed on a specific Shopify object using the Shopify Connection.

Boomi Shopify Connector - Operation

  • Name: One can set the desired operation name in this field.
  • Object: The Shopify Object against which you want to perform the said action.
  • Request Profile: Defines the schema/structure of the request sent to the Shopify
  • Response Profile: Defines the schema/structure of the response received by the Shopify
  • Tracking Direction: This enables you to choose whether to track the input or output document and display the same in process reporting.

Cover Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash