Boomi Deployed Process Properties

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Boomi Deployed Process Properties

Deployed Process properties:

Deployed process properties are a kind of process properties, tied to the integration processes that are deployed. These properties store the value of the persisted process property during process execution and retain the value for the next process run. These properties are maintained under Atom management -> Deployed Processes -> Edit process properties for the selected Atom / Molecule/ Cloud.

Deployed Process properties

Types of Properties Maintained:

Below are some of the deployed process properties maintained at the Atom / Molecule / Cloud level.

  • Execution Last Run Date Time Value
  • Execution Last Successful Run Date Time Value
  • Process properties that are marked for persistence.
  • Dynamic Process properties that are marked for persistence.

Deployed Process properties - Types 

Last Run Date (LRD):

Boomi tracks the last execution run date and time under the deployed process property as com.boomi.execution.lastrun whether be it a success or failure. This can be used in subsequent execution to identify the last run timestamp of the process. This is widely used in the data retrieval process. This property is maintained by boomi run-time and cannot be modified.

This property is stored under <Boomi_Installation_Dir>/execution/<process_id>.properties

Last Successful Run Date (LSRD):

Like Last Run Date, Boomi tracks the last successful execution run date and time under the deployed process property as com.boomi.execution.lastsuccessfulrun. This can be used in a data retrieval process to identify the last successful data extraction from the source.

This property is stored under <Boomi_Installation_Dir>/execution/<process_id>.properties

*Note: Both LRD and LSRD can be retrieved in Set properties shape / Inside map function

Deployed Process properties - LRD & LSRD

Persisted Process Properties:

Process properties can be persisted, and it retains the last assigned value at the process level under the deployed processes panel.

Deployed Process Properties - Persisted Process property

Persisted Dynamic Process properties:

Like Process property, Dynamic process property can be persisted at the process level and can be maintained under Deployed processes panel.

These properties are maintained only for the deployed processes to store execution-related details.

Deployed Process properties - Persisted Property

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