Salesforce CPQ Product Features

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Salesforce CPQ Product Features

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the ways that you can further update the product selection and customization process within the Quote Line Editor.  There are multiple ways to accomplish this depending on what your end goal is.  In this blog, I will go over what CPQ Product Features are.  In a future blog post, I will walk through how to create and manage your Product Features.


What do Product Features Look Like in CPQ?

One way that Product Features in CPQ help to control what is being sold is by the text that shows up on the Feature Group on the Quote Line Editor.  For example, in this scenario, I have chosen Desktop Computer as the top-line product.

Top Product CPQ

Once I click the Select button, I am presented with the configuration screen.  In this screen (because the top-line product is configurable as an attribute), you will see I have different Product Feature sections.  In this scenario, “storage” is one of these groups.  You’ll notice that there is help text that says to choose at least 2 of the available options.

Storage CPQ Product Feature


More Than Just Organization!

CPQ Administrators can dictate both the minimum number of features that can be chosen as well as the maximum.  This allows you to ensure that the correct features are being chosen as well as the correct number of features.

Now you have finished the configuration of the SKU and added in the features that you want to sell to your customer. You can view the features by clicking the down error in the Quote Line Editor next to the parent SKU.  If you need to go back and modify which features were selected in the original configuration, you can do that too! Just click the wrench next to the master or parent SKU in the configuration to edit.

CPQ Quote Line Editor

Product Features are a great way to ensure that the correct add-on SKUs are available, and even automatically selected by your team, once they choose a parent product.  This also allows you to not duplicate parent products. Instead, you just include additional Product Features that can further enhance the product catalog for your business.


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