Salesforce Product Rule Creation Pt.2

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Salesforce Product Rule Creation Pt.2

Salesforce Product Rule Creation:

In a previous blog, we discussed what a Product selection rule would look like and how we can begin to set that Product Rule up.  We left off after adding in the error condition.  We now need to tie that error condition into the Product Rule to ensure that we have the correct setup for our Product Rule.

Where we left off was creating the Error Condition.  Our Product Rule should look like this at this moment.

SF Product Rule - Product Rule Creation

Note that you could have multiple Error Conditions in a Product Rule, however for this example we will only have the single one.

Product Action:

Our next step will be to create a Product Action.  What the Product Action will drive is the system to automatically select a Product once Product 1 has been selected.  To do this, navigate to Product Actions and click New.  Choose to Add for the Type field and make sure that the Required checkbox is marked as true.

SF Product Rule - Product Action

Configuration Rule:

Next, we will need to create a Configuration Rule associated with the Product Rule.  Navigate to the Configuration Rules related list and select the new button.

SF Product Rule - Configuration Rules

After you have created this Configuration Rule with the Active flag being true and the correct lookup to the Product selected, click save.  You will then need to click on the newly created Configuration Rule and choose the Related tab.  Ensure that the Apply Immediately checkbox is marked to true.  If it is not marked as true, then your sales team could save the quote without the Product Rule firing.

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