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Salesforce Lightning Web Components

Salesforce Lightning Web Components

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Image Source: Introduction to Lightning Web Components

There are two programming models that can be used to create lightning components now. The original Aura Components and the brand-new Lightning Web Components. Lightning web components make use of custom HTML elements that are built using HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and modern JavaScript. Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist on the same page and might be connected using hierarchy and interoperate on a page to pass events to each other to communicate. For admins and end users, they both appear as Lightning components.

The Lightning Web Component adheres to fundamental Web Components principles and only includes functionality required to function properly in browsers that Salesforce supports. Lightning Web Components are incredibly fast and light because they are created using code that runs in browsers natively. The majority of the code you create is conventional HTML and JavaScript.

Salesforce is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium and is committed to creating open web standards (W3C).

The Ecma International Technical Committee 39 (TC39), which develops JavaScript, includes Salesforce developers as contributing members.

How to Select Aura or Lightning Web Components

Aura web components are more difficult to create and less effective than Lightning web components. However, because LWC doesn’t yet support everything that Aura does, you might also need to use Aura when creating Lightning web components.

Unless you require a feature that isn’t supported, always use Lightning Web Components.

Create a Lightning web component and wrap it in an Aura component that just accesses the experience, feature, or interface if you want to use an unsupported experience, feature, or interface.

An Aura component cannot be contained within a Lightning web component. A Lightning web component’s DOM subtree must only contain Lightning web components when it is created.

It’s possible that you’ll need to create everything (or almost everything) in Aura if you want to use a base component that isn’t offered as a Lightning web component.


In this way, we can create faster web applications by using the Lightning Web component framework. Since it uses most of the features that are native to the browser that makes it faster.

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