Salesforce Price Rule Creation Pt.1

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Salesforce Price Rule Creation Pt.1

Salesforce Price Rule Creation:

In this 2 part series, we will walk through the fundamentals of creating Price Rules in CPQ.  In this first blog, we will discuss what Summary Variables are and how to create them.  This is meant to be a pretty basic scenario that you will then be able to expand upon as you create more complex and advanced Price Rules.

First, let’s navigate to the Summary Variable option via the menu icon in Salesforce.  Click on the New button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.  The following window will be the dialog box to start creating your Summary Variable.

SFDC Price Rule - Creation

In this scenario, let’s say that for the addition of Product 1, we want Product 2 to have a quantity that is 10 times the amount selected for Product 1.   The screenshot below will show the configuration for this scenario – we will walk through the fields we are leveraging and how you can expand on them for your use cases.

SFDC Price Rule - Summary Variable

SFDC Price Rule - Composite Information

Information Section

Name:  If you use a naming convention then this is where you’d input that.  Otherwise, create a unique name for this variable.

Aggregation Function:  We are choosing to sum for this example since we are taking the sum of the quantity from Product 1

Target Object: Quote line is where the quantity value of Product 1 lives.

Aggregate Field:  Quantity is the only option here.

Currency:  Not required but choosing the default currency here

Filter Information

Filter Field:  This is what the field that the variable is testing against.  You can choose Product Name as well, however if your product names change then you would want to avoid that as your choice.

Operator:  Here we are choosing equals because we want an exact match

Filter Value:  This is the value we want to search for in the variable.

Composite Information

 Composite Operator:  Here we are choosing to multiply because we want to multiply the quantity of the initial SKU to get the new value

Value Element:  I input 10 because we want to multiply the value of Product 1 by 10 to get the quantity of Product 2

In the next blog, we will use this summary variable inside a price rule.

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